Your partner in omnichannel services
STEVEEN is your all-round partner, provider of omni-channel services, distributor of mobile accessories and consumer electronics, covering Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Armenia, Turkey, South Korea, Serbia, Dubai - and much more.



As technology continues to evolve and design complexities ramp up, we believe that our customers must receive expertise and quality quickly and effectively. Our diverse, flexible customer-oriented and strategically organised business units help streamline distribution to ensure all our clients' needs are fulfilled.


With our footprints across the globe, we have demonstrated expertise in global trade compliance. Our investment and commitment to quality along with our team’s ability to stay current on regulatory developments and compliance requirements helps overcome complex challenges across the trading industry.


Our vision is to offer our products and solutions in every region of the world. Through our expert import/expert services we help you get consistent, high-quality support no matter where you are.


There are more than 290 Telcos serving Middle East and Africa consumers. The region is growing at exponential speed. The networks are varied from 2G to 5G to FTTH. Touch Tel provides top telcos with end-to-end device management, supply and sales solutions from mobile devices, CPEs and Smart home Automation. We’ve made it easier for you to find us by being available on Amazon and Noon.
What brands are in our area of expertise?
As reliable experts in the international market of smartphones,
portable electronics,
wearables, headphones,
and household appliances,
we have an extensive network of suppliers, retailers and long-term business contacts.
All our experience and knowledge was acquired through working with the following brands:

A targeted and data-driven full-service approach

From bringing your products into MENA, CIS and South Asia, sales, marketing, retail space management, inventory management and logistics to invoicing resellers and even end users. We offer a full-service solution for you as a brand or reseller.

For leading brands

We are proud to present a comprehensive selection of top-quality brands in such categories as electronics, health and cookware. High-quality brands with a clear vision that will enrich your existing product range. They are chosen after an extensive selection process to ensure that STEVEEN can not only offer quality, but also service the different market segments.